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CVS Announces Further Expansion Into Health Care Services

CBS Chicago (Health) 6/4 4:31A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP) CVS Health is pushing deeper into health services with plans to add dietitians, medical equipment and space for the occasional yoga class to 1,500 stores over the next few years. The drugstore chain that quit selling tobacco several years...

Recreational Marijuana To Be Legal In Illinois

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/31 10:14A Health – CBS Chicago
CHICAGO (CBS) Recreational marijuana will soon be legal in Illinois. On Friday state lawmakers made it a reality. It goes into effect January 1. State representatives voted 66 to 47 in favor of legalization, two days after the Senate passed the...

BREAKING: Lawmakers Vote To Legalize Marijuana In Illinois

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/31 8:31A Health – CBS Chicago
CHICAGO (CBS)   For the first time in the history of the state, recreational marijuana will be legal in Illinois. With a vote of 66-47, the bill now heads to Governor JB Pritzker s desk. The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act (CRTA) received final...

OK To Smoke, Not To Grow? States Wrestle With Homegrown Pot

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/29 9:53A Health – CBS Chicago
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois lawmakers working to legalize recreational marijuana have hit a potential snag that other states have wrestled with: whether to allow people to grow a few pot plants for personal use. The 10 states that have...

Alex Trebek Shares ‘Mind-Boggling’ Pancreatic Cancer Update

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/29 7:29A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP) — Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek says his doctors say he s in near remission of advanced pancreatic cancer and his response to the treatment is kind of mind-boggling. The 78-year-old TV personality...

Supreme Court Upholds Indiana Abortion Law On Fetal Remains

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/28 4:19A Health – CBS Chicago
AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld an Indiana law that requires abortion providers to dispose of aborted fetuses in the same way as human remains, a sign that the conservative court is more open to abortion restrictions. But the justices...

Lilly Selling Half-Price Version Of Popular Humalog Insulin

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/22 6:52A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP) A half-price version of Eli Lilly s popular Humalog insulin is now available, following the company s promise in March to offer diabetics a more affordable option amid fierce criticism of soaring...

Walmart Raises Minimum Age To Buy Tobacco To 21

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/8 7:11A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP) — Walmart said Wednesday that it will raise the minimum age to buy tobacco products and e-cigarettes at its U.S. stores to 21 amid growing pressure from regulators to cut tobacco sales and use among minors. The world s largest retailer also...

Report On DCFS: Overburdened Case Workers, Unresponsive Hotline

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/7 10:54A Health – CBS Chicago
CHICAGO (CBS) Overburdened case workers and an unresponsive hotline those are just two findings of an alarming audit of the Illinois Department of Family Services. CBS 2 has reported 98 children who had prior contact with DCFS died just last...

Meatsplainer: How New Plant-Based Burgers Compare To Beef

CBS Chicago (Health) 5/7 5:06A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP) — If you want to skip meat, a new era of options is here. Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods are among the companies racing to tap into the massive U.S. market of meat eaters by more closely...

It Seems Like Alzheimer’s But Peek Into Brain Shows A Mimic

CBS Chicago (Health) 4/30 5:27A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP) — Some people told they have Alzheimer s may instead have a newly identified mimic of the disease — and scientists say even though neither is yet curable, it s critical to get better at telling...

CVS Moves Into Dental Care With Teeth-Straightening Service

CBS Chicago (Health) 4/25 5:56A Health – CBS Chicago
(AP)   CVS Health is venturing into dental care with plans to offer a relatively new teeth-straightening service. The drugstore chain says it will add SmileDirectClub locations to hundreds of stores,...
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