First Day of Fall Feels

Sequins and Stripes 9/22 3:56A Liz
Sea Dress (found in all sizes! plus similar styles here and here ), Loeffler Randall Boots First day of fall! It always sort of feels like a holiday that needs to be marked here on HAF. Bringing us...

How to Mix and Match a Matching Set 5 Ways!

The Golden Girl 9/21 5:18A Jess
Okay not like, actually BACK BACK to posting 5 days a week, but, this is my first real "outfit styling" post since June arrived and I feel like that counts for something! ??

My Top 12 Madewell Insider Sale Picks!

The Golden Girl 9/17 9:15A Jess
Madewell is one of my favorite spots to shop for fall/winter essentials, and right now, they're having a 20% off for Madewell Insiders sale! (All you have to do is sign up for their email list to...

My Happy Running Tunes Playlist

Sequins and Stripes 9/15 11:00P Liz
In the middle of a workout, is there any better feeling than the perfect song coming on shuffle and pushing you through the next few minutes? Running has always been one of my favorite forms of...

New Favorites from Amazon

Sequins and Stripes 9/15 7:18A Liz
Shop this image : No. 1 Stroller Fan // No. X Eucalyptus Epsom Bath Salt // No. 3 Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner // No. 4 Jolly Jumper Baby Exerciser // No. 5 Kids Cotton Athletic Shorts // No. 6 Apple...

What I’m Buying for Fall

Sequins and Stripes 9/14 3:11A Liz
My partnership with Shopbop has been one of my most exciting to date mainly because it is a place that I ve shopped for myself for many years. It is such a curated collection of brands that are...

The Best Way to Freshen Up Your Home for Fall

Sequins and Stripes 9/13 9:32A Liz
There s a feeling of crispness in the air, the leaves are *just* starting to turn, and back-to-school season is officially here. This time of year always feels like a fresh start for me (even more so...

My Workout + Meal Plan • Week of September 13, 2021

Sequins and Stripes 9/13 2:31A Liz
A new week! Not going to lie I m tired. Tired from new routines maybe? Early mornings that are more rushed than relaxing. New germs are sneaking into our home as much as we try to avoid them. That...

Grilled Romaine Salmon Caesar Salad

Sequins and Stripes 9/11 12:18A Liz
I ve been meaning to share this salad recipe with you for over a month! We made it on Cooking with Liz and it was soo delicious. Inspired by one of my favorite salads back in Chicago the Salmon la...

Coffee with Liz • September 10, 2021

Sequins and Stripes 9/10 2:49A Liz
What do you think contributed most to the close relationships you have with your parents and siblings? Hmmm. So something about my parents is that they are each other s best friend. They value family...

Charleston Favorites

Sequins and Stripes 9/9 11:14A Liz
wearing this Sea dress , old Loeffler Randall bag This post is long overdue! I get messages every day asking for my favorite Charleston restaurants, activities to do with kids, hotels, coffee shops...

6 Months in Charleston

Sequins and Stripes 9/6 2:00A Liz
my dress is by Hunter Bell This weekend marked 6 months since our move to Charleston! I still get so many questions (daily!) about our decision, if it was worth it, what we miss the most, will we ever...

New Tech Backgrounds for September

Sequins and Stripes 9/3 3:39A Liz
Download this desktop background here . A new month, a new season, so many opportunities for a fresh start. I talked about this in a post recently, but September always feels like another kind of new...

Zucchini Bread Recipe

Sequins and Stripes 9/1 11:00P Liz
Zucchini bread is kind of the bread that you forget is really good until you make it and you re like WHY DON T I MAKE THIS MORE OFTEN. It also comes in handy when you buy zucchini to make for dinner...

New Fall Finds for September

Sequins and Stripes 9/1 3:50A Liz
Hellllllo September!! Not going to lie, September doesn t hit the same in Charleston when you re sweating at all times. Ha! I m quickly realizing that I am a jeans + top girl through and through and I...
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