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There are a number of non-standard companies that offer auto insurance no driver’s license policies and the best place to locate them is the internet. Drivers in the United States need to have valid car insurance coverage for driving vehicles legally on road. To that effect, if you are an unlicensed driver, you could think of purchasing car coverage of this type. Besides, there could be a couple of other situations wherein you may be prompted to buy car insurance no driver’s license policy. Although the premiums charged for such policies could depend on a number of factors, insurers will weigh the overall risks of granting coverage and accordingly, calculate premiums. Here is some information relating to the same which may be of help to you.

There could be varied reasons for which you may have to purchase no drivers license car insurance cover. Some of them could be as under:

1. You need personal driver – You are an elderly/disabled person who owns a vehicle but are unable to drive it. In such a situation, you may need the services of personal driver who needs to be insured.

2. License is under suspension – If you have been convicted for DUI/DWI offense, your driver’s license will be suspended and it might take some time to get it reinstated. In such time period, an unlicensed driver’s auto insurance cover may prove to be helpful for driving car legally on road.  

 3. Court has passed judgement – Courts pass judgement orders against drivers for getting valid driver’s license when they are caught driving cars unlicensed.  During the time period, you may need temporary or short term car coverage.

It is possible to save money while getting auto insurance without driver’s license. One way to achieve that is to get your name added to your parent’s or spouse’s current auto insurance policy. The premiums charged for unlicensed driver’s covers could be extremely high and by opting for this option, you may not be required to spend any money at all. There are some websites that can give valuable information about the subject and might even assist you to find the cheapest unlicensed driver’s car insurance quotes. Experts that work for these websites might help you in comparing free proposals and thus, you can make an informed decision on your purchase.  The services are cost-free but you just need to make sure that you are working with a highly reliable as well as reputed website such as

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